INTRODUCTORY NOTE CULTIVAR – Analysis and prospective studies for public policies is a quarterly publication under the editorial responsibility of the GPP – Office of Planning, Policy and General Administration, from the Ministries of Agriculture and of Maritime Affairs. It aims to contribute, on an ongoing basis, to creating a repository of systematised information on core areas, which may support the definition of future development strategies and the creation of public policy instruments. CULTIVAR is organised in three sections: • “ Grandes Tendências ” (Major Trends) includes in-depth analyses by ex- perts, relevant actors and social partners. • “ Observatório ” (Observatory) aims to gather, process and make available a body of information and statistical data of recognised interest, which may not be directly accessible to the general public. • “ Leituras ” (Reviews) seeks to disseminate documents from different organi- sations, including those the GPP has access to in various national and inter- national forums, as well as other texts, books, etc. considered as relevant.